HBO Brings The Funny On Sunday Nights


The return of HBO favorite “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” (Sundays at 9 p.m.) Larry David’s (co-creator of “Seinfeld) improvised half-hour comedy, is not only a cause of celebration for Curb fans, but for “Seinfeld” fans as well.

If you’ve seen any of the recent magazine covers, they all pretty much tout it as a reunion of sorts. But since this is Larry David, this reunion idea is a sort of meta fiction universe in which the actors from the TV series are mulling over the idea of doing a reunion, which in several interviews after the show’s end, both David and Seinfeld had dismissed it as a bad idea and one they probably never would pursue.

In the world of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” the “Seinfeld” idea is Larry’s way of getting his ex-wife to look at him favorably again, in hopes of rekindling their love. It’s a great way to do a reunion show without actually doing it, with the obligatory winking at the camera.

The first two episodes are as laugh-out-loud funny as last season, thanks in part to J.B. Smoove’s portrayal of Larry’s houseguest, Leon. The best part is knowing that the lines are improvised. The only written aspect of “Curb” is the story outline that David provides the actors with. All of this makes for an even hardier laugh when you know that’s it’s not rehearsed.
I have a feeling this may well be the final season of this innovative series. I mean, for David, once you do the “Seinfeld” reunion everyone was clamoring for, where do you go from there?
Sounds like an exit move to me.

“Bored to Death” (Sundays at 9:30 p.m.) follows the exploits of writer Jonathan Ames (the character is named after the creator of the series, a novelist whose graphic novel “The Alcoholic” is now available in paperback) who is suffering from writer’s block after a successful first novel. Granted, this is familiar territory, but what takes this premise


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