Q&A with Kwesi Boakye

Ten-year-old Kwesi Boakye is an up-and-coming child star. From his major role in Tyler Perry’s new film, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself,” to Ray Romano’s new TNT sitcom, “Men of a Certain Age,” Kwesi is adding prominent roles to his already impressive acting resumé.

Kwesi has appeared in television shows such as “Strong Medicine,” “South Park,” “Boston Legal” and “Days of Our Lives” as well as lending his voice in the Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy winning animated movie “Happy Feet.”

Off camera, Kwesi is a Los Angeles native. He is a gifted student and excels at athletics. In an interview with Kwesi, he talks about the new film and sitcom he is in, as well as his character roles. Kwesi recalls the endless humor present onset while working with comedians, Tyler Perry and Ray Romano.

In “I Can Do Bad All By Myself,” Kwesi works alongside well-known stars such as Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson, Adam Rodriguez, Gladys Knight and Tyler Perry. An audience can expect a lot of humor when the movie comes to theaters Sept. 11.

Also, look for “Men of a Certain Age,” featuring Ray Romano and Andre Braugher, on TNT coming this winter.

As told to Bianca Ionescu.

I hear you are in the new Tyler Perry movie, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” Can you tell me about it?
It’s about April who is trying to find herself and trying to make herself a better person. I really connected to her story line because I’m her nephew and looking for her to help us find a home and really helping show she’s a better person. That’s what the movie is about without telling too much.

What is your character’s name?
My character’s name is Manny and he is a little rough around the edges and he’s growing up pretty fast with his big brother and sister. I’d say Manny is just looking for his happy ending.

I have to know, how cool was it be in a Tyler Perry film?
It was very cool being in a Tyler Perry film. When he walks on set he makes you feel at home and he always discusses stuff in a kid way. And I just love him because he always telling jokes and he’s just a really funny guy to hang out with.

What was the funniest part about filming with Tyler Perry? Did he do anything really funny that you remember?
It would have to be when I met Madea for the first time. He was just hilarious. 

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