Reflections for 08-19-09

We are so used to seeing and hearing Louis Farrakhan as the powerful, eloquent, charismatic and, yes, sometimes racist Nation of Islam leader that it is somewhat difficult to realize that he has other skills.

Farrakhan — whose birth name is Louis Eugene Walcott — also happens to be a highly skilled classical violinist and on at least one occasion played with the Boston Civic Symphony Orchestra.

Just as surprising, probably more so, is the fact that in the 1950s he worked ex­tensively as a calypso singer, comparable to Harry Belafonte. He called himself “the Charmer” and even made a few recordings.

Hmmm, you just never know.

SPEAKING of other occupations, Marvin Taylor, who for many years was popular WGPR radio personality Marvelous Marv, has worked as a Wayne County sheriff for the last 13 years.

Radio is not something he is interested in now, but he enjoys recalling those days on the airwaves. He and I were doing just that fairly recently in front of the North End post office.

In the course of the conversation we talked about Mojo and, I kid you not, within a few minutes we saw Mojo walking towards us on his way to the post office. He joined the conversation and we had a great time.

Also with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is Donafay Collins, better known as radio personality Don Juan the Lover. He is a19-year Sheriff’s Office veteran and now holds the rank of executive lieutenant.

He is on the Mix 92.3 currently (has been for 10 years) and continues to present the popular “Back Jam” cabarets.

JAY LENO, former “Tonight Show” host, obviously wants to attract a younger audience, as well as his many longtime fans, with his new program, “The Jay Leno Show.” It will air five nights a week at 10 p.m. on NBC. The Sept. 14 debut will feature Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna.

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