Oxford Junior Wildcats Donate Equipment To Think Detroit Pal Cobras

The Detroit Lions recently hosted youth football players from Oxford and Detroit at a training camp practice at the Lions’ Headquarters and Practice Facility, in Allen park.

More than 60 players and coaches from the Oxford Junior Wildcats and the Detroit Cobras attended the practice, as the Lions recognized a special equipment donation made earlier this spring.

All of the Cobras’ football equipment was stolen over the winter, leaving the Think Detroit PAL team uncertain if it could field teams during the fall season. More than 100 youngsters were in jeopardy of having to forfeit the entire season. Fortunately, several equipment items were recovered when thieves tried to sell the gear to other teams. Though much was recovered, many items were lost for good.

The Oxford Junior Wildcats came to the rescue recently when they donated 120 shoulder pads, just the right size to fit the young Cobras on its Class C (ages 7 and 8) and Class D (9-10) teams. As a result, the Cobras are now in daily practice sessions preparing for their Think Detroit PAL season opener on Aug. 29.

The Lions sponsor Think Detroit PAL football and will host its annual football championships at Ford Field on Nov. 14. To thank the Wildcats for their generosity and to bring the teams together, kids and coaches from both teams will be the Lions’ guests at Friday’s afternoon practice. The kids will escort the players onto the field, watch practice and then meet several of the Lions following the session, including Detroit native and Lions linebacker Larry Foote who played PAL football.


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